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Welcome AACCUP Accreditors

       “A few years back, Dr. Buted challenged us to dream big dreams for our University to become a premiere ASEAN university by this year. He instilled in us that dreams are about the destination, not the journey; that dreams are about the summit, the ideal outcome needing to be realized; dreams are the seeds of epic potential and come to us as unbounded possibility. However, dreams must be translated into goals, because Goals are dreams put into action. And goals require work; require systems, processes, and structures to facilitate and achieve the end result. It demand rolling up of sleeves and moving forward. These are the guiding light towards fulfillment of our dreams. Goals crave planning, cry out our focused action, need start dates and due dates, time frame with a beginning and an end. These are needed to be measured and tracked with defined metrics, planning, action plans, systems, processes.
       Thru the innovative and transformative leadership of DRB, we have turned our dreams into goals. We achieved our dreams. We attained the 9001 2015 certification, IIP, ISA and PQA, in which every one of these requires QMS. Now, we are here ready to be measured again.
       The purpose of the quality management system is to ensure that every time a process is performed, the same information, methods, skills and controls are used and applied in a consistent and standardized manner. The quality management system has been deemed adaptive to the different process issues or opportunities to ensure continuous improvement.
       The concept of quality management system is quite difficult for many people to understand and there is a lot of confusion and myth surrounding it. But certainly, if we want to be continuously be a relevant, high performing and functional home of motivated change agents, we have to undergo processes such as these.
       We sincerely thank our internal auditors for giving us this hard earned chance of knowing our worth along QMS standards and become leaders of quality management locally and in the near future, globally.”

                                                 -Dr. Valentin B. Calpo, Jr.


PSU Asingan Campus History

       The progress of education has been phenomenal as far as the development of colleges and universities in Pangasinan is concerne. In the mainstream of this development and growth, Pangasinan State University- Asingan Campus stands out as a progressive college.

       The Campus history traces back in 1962 when PSU- Asingan Campus started as the Binalonan High School Annex situated in the school buildings of the defunct Pacifican Institute of Asingan. Later, a school site was acquired through a donation of the family of the late Concha Miguel. Temporary school buildings were constructed, so that in 1963, the school was separated from Binalonan High School and bebace the Asingan High school by virtue of R.A 3995( authored by the late Luciano Millan and approved 1967) the school was later converted into Asingan School of Arts and Trades (ASAT) under the bureau of vocational, ASAT easily expanded with the offering of post secondary technical course (Associate in Industrial Technology) and college degree programs (Bachelor of Industrial Technology, BIT) and (Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, BSIE).

       On June 11, 1978, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos issued P.D 1497 which established Pangasinan State University covering all government colleges in entire Pangasinan. With the implementation of P. D 1497, the college Department of ASAT became the PSU-College of Arts and Technology, Asingan Campus where Dr. Rodolfo V. Asanion became the first College Dean with incumbent University President Dr. Rufino O. Eslao.

       During the School Year 1983-1984, a new “sister campus” was established at Urdaneta, Pangasinan: hence, the college’s name became PSU-Asingan and Urdaneta Complex. Years later, the PSU-Asingan faculty members signed a resolution requesting for the separation of Asingan Campus from Urdaneta Campus which the Board of Regents granted.

       In 1989, Professor Ester C. Lomboy was designated Officer-In-Charge, and eventually the College Dean of this newly separated college. The visionary leader worked hard for the acquisition of a new school site by the purchase of a lot from Mr. Jose Villote in Domanpot, Asingan, Pangasinan, which the campus presently occupies. Thus, after twenty-six years, the school found a new location nestled in verdant fields and a pollution free environment. The construction of Agri- Business Building Phase I and II in Domanpot was made possible with the full support of the University Administration headed by Dr. Rufino O. Eslao. The favorite son of Asingan, then President of the Republic of the Philippines, His excellency Fidel V. Ramos gave strong support for the development of the present site, after he laid the corner stone of this institution of higher learning. The land fill and elevation of the newly acquired lot gained support years after with linkages established with the Office of the Governor(under the administration of then Governor Victor E. Agbayani).

       On July 4, 1993, Dr. Leonardo E. Urbano became the College Dean. During his incumbency, development and expansion of the school site in Domanpot were made by the acquisition of additional lots. With the concerted efforts of the university officials, constituent, and local and national political leaders, the construction of the new central academic building worth ten million pesos (P 10 000 000.00) was made possible. It was during his term when curricular offerings expanded to Teacher Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEE) and Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) were new courses offered to Bachelor in Industrial Technology (BIT) and Associate in Industrial Technology (AIT). Dr Urbano also initiated the evaluation and accreditation of the BIT program, subjecting it for its Preliminary Survey Visit towards its successful First Level Accreditation by AACCUP.

       With the ascencion of Dr. Rodolfo V. Asanion into University Presidency in June1999, a new Campus Dean, Dr. Regildo F. Ramirez Sr. was appointed. This new leadership was geared towards the improvement of the quality education with emphasis on effective and efficient teachers, technicians and entrepreneurs. Dr. Ramirez put importance on the improvement of facilities such as the construction of the science and computerlaboratories and procurement of needed equipment.

       The PSU-Asingan Campus began to enter the phase of rapid physical infrastructure growth with the rise of the ICT Buidling, The Industrial Technology (IT) Building, and the Basketball court under the deanship of the very prolific official, Dr. Artemio A. Diego from June 2001to April 2005. Under his leadership, the Campus accomplished commendable growth in terms of enrolment, instructional materials and other facilities in all areas of learning.

       Dr. Marieta M. Escorpizo, an equally competent dean, succeeded and assumed the office of barely eight months until December 2005. In this short period of time, she was held responsible for a sensitive journalism and the Accreditation of the BIT program towards its Second Level.

       Following Dr. Escorpizo, Dr. Rodolfo V. Asanion serve as an Interim Chief Executive Officer with Dr. Priscilla L. Agsalud as the OIC for Academics and Prof. Alejo M. Sarmiento, as the OIC for administration until PSU- Eastern Clustering was implemented on August 2006. Dr. Artemio  M. Rebugio became the Chancellor with Dr. Priscilla L. Agsalud as the Program Dean of the Institute of Teacher Education and Prof. Alejo M. Sarmiento as the Program Dean in the Institute of Industrial Technology.

       The dissolution of the Cluster System after its operation for twenty-two months, brought back the Campus to its former status in July 2008 with Dr. Priscilla L. Agsalud as the OIC Dean and, who eventually assumed the Office as the Campus Dean in May 2009. Her administration gears towards quality education, faculty and staff development, strengthening income generating projects, research and extension services, and Teacher Education Program Accreditation. She also expanded the course offering of the college to include Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

       Late December 2014, Dr. Dexter R. Buted became the new President of Pangasinan State University. His leadership geared toward provision of quality education through effective and efficient faculty, and better facilities.

       The new president appointed new Campus Executive Director in the person of Dr. Zenaida U. Suyat, The former Campus Executive Director of PSU-Urdaneta Campus. She assumed the office for barely eight months from April 2015 until December 2015 which was her retirement in the service.

       Subsequently, Dr. Ruby Rosa V. Cruz succeeded and assumed office as Campus Executive Director from January 2016 to June 2017. In this short period of time, she was held responsible for the Acrreditation of the Bit Program towards its Third level Phase II and the Accreditation of the other three programs, BSE, BEE and BSIT to its Second level.

       Due to the dynamism of the current administration, reshuffling of University officials were in place. Following Dr. Cruz, Dr. Cesar G. Della, served as the new Campus Executive Director on July 2017. The current administration of Dr. Della gears towards quality education through different quality management tools. The campus is on the process of compliance for the certification of the different management tool like ISA, ISO and IIP.

       To date, the Campus offers five degree programs namely: Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) major in General Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) with majors in English, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Technology and Livelihood Education, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT) with majors in Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Mechanical, Food Technology, Drafting Technology and Garments Technology, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Major in Marketing, and one technical course: Associate in Technology (AIT) with same majors as in BIT.

       Armed with highly competent and responsive Campus officials, faculty and non- teaching staff, with the strong leadership and support of the University Administration headed by the University President, Dr. Dexter R. Buted, the unwavering cooperation of the local, regional and national government and other civic-spirited individuals and organizations, PSU Asingan Campus continue to lead in delivering relevant and excellent services in the field of Teacher Education, Information Technology Education, Industrial Technology Education and Business Administration Education for the benefit and welfare of its student from various parts of the province and nearby provinces and region.

       On August 6, 2018, Dr. Jessica J. Jiminez succeeded Dr. Della as the Campus Executive Director. On the same date Dr. Jiminez assumed the leadership with her reassuring words of maintaining the highest standards of work ethics and strong commitment for a better PSU- Asingan’s craft. Dr. Jessica J. Jimenez showcased her intelligence and good leadership for a year until the arrival of Dr. Armando D. Junio. It was a smooth transition of leadership as Dr. Junio continues to improve the quality education offered by Asingan Campus. It was then July 10, 2020 when Dr. Elbert M. Galas took over as the Campus Executive Director and started the project “ICT-KONEK” that seeks to meet the needs of the students to acquire internet connection for free in several towns of Eastern Pangasinan. Dr. Galas stayed for three-months as he took his office as the new VP for Quality Assurance. Last October 2, 2020, Dr. Valentin B. Calpo Jr. took his office as the new Campus Executive Director of Asingan Campus who continuously aspire for excellence and quality education for its stake holders.

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