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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Welcome to Civil Engineering Department. We invite you to explore our webpage and discover what the Civil Engineering Department can do for you.
The Civil Engineering Department vows to serve its clients by giving the best education that every student deserves. Here in the department, the students are honed by world-class educators into professionals ready to enter the job market.
Civil Engineering is one of the pioneer programs in the Urdaneta Campus. The department of Civil Engineering had a humble beginning. But it did not take much longer to attract students from every corner of Pangasinan, especially in the Eastern part of the Province. The department saw an influx of enrollees, a development the we never foresaw. Currently, the department remains to have the highest number of students.
For some years now, the department consistently produces board passers – an achievement that resounds all over the country. This inspires faculty members of the department to give their best, for they believe that every student deserves quality education.
Through thick and thin, the Civil Engineering Department will live up to the noble endeavors of the University, and it vows to be of service to the community.

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Civil Engineering Department

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
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