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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Thank you for visiting our webpage. The Architecture Department welcomes you and invites you to stay awhile and feel free to know what sets this department apart.
The Bachelor of Science in Architecture was one of the courses initially offered when PSU-Urdaneta Campus was established as a full-fledged campus. So, the phenomenal growth of the campus can also be attributable to the Architecture Department.
Armed with noble goals and objectives, the department envisions to be one of the top producers of high-caliber Architects that are equipped with holistic education, ready to respond to the ever-changing needs of the community in terms of architectural design, innovation, and creativity.
Over the years, the department made a name by way of producing topnotchers. As a result, more and more students from all corners of Pangasinan and the Ilocos Region flock to Urdaneta Campus to take up Architecture. Their decision is not misguided, because they do obtain first-rate education. This is not an empty claim, for if you care to scroll down, you can get to know the impressive academic profile of the educators to whom the department owe its prestige.
Inspired by the vision and mission of the university, the Architecture Department will continue to strive for excellence in delivering the services which the Pangasinan State University is committed to render, namely, instruction, research, extension, and production.

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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

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