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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering program is one of the programs offered in PSU-Urdaneta Campus well-chosen by students. This is expected, considering the reputation earned by the Department through the years.
The department is proud of its consistently high performance by its graduates, garnering 100% passing rate in the board examination in 2016 up to February in 2018, to cite an example. This amazing achievement testifies to the quality of education that the Department provides to its primary clients, the students.
Behind the success of the ME Department is the concerted effort of its well-seasoned educators whose teaching skills are perfected by time and experience, along with up-to-date knowledge of mechanical engineering. To date, the faculty of the department is composed of young but promising, licensed mechanical engineers headed by a hardworking Department Chairperson and versatile along with the Dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture.
Inspired by the vision and mission of the university, the ME Department is unstoppable in its quest for excellence, and in delivering the services which the Pangasinan State University is committed to render, namely, instruction, research, extension, and production.

Mechanical Engineering Department

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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