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University Officials

University President

 1.      Dr. Dexter R. Buted

Acting Board and University Secretary


1.      Ms. Ailene A. Batang


Vice Presidents


1.    Vice President for Academic Affairs                              –           Dr. Manolito C. Manuel

2.      Vice President for Finance Management                        –           Dr. Maria Corazon B. Puzon

3.      Vice President for Research and Extension                    –           Dr. Paulo V. Cenas

4.      Vice President for Administration                                  –           Dr. Marcelo C. Gutierrez

5.      Vice President for Planning and Quality Assurance       –           Dr. Ruby Rosa V. Cruz

       Quality Management Representative (concurrent) 


Office of the University President


1.        Director, Presidential Management and Liaison Office –          Mr. Ian D. Evangelista

2.        Campus Executive Director, Alaminos Campus            –          Dr. Renato E. Salcedo

3.        Campus Executive Director, Asingan Campus              –          Dr. Armando D. Junio

4.        Campus Executive Director, Bayambang Campus        –          Dr. Roy C. Ferrer

5.        Campus Executive Director, Binmaley Campus            –          Dr. Valentin B. Calpo

6.        Campus Executive Director, Infanta Campus                –          Dr. Larry A. Santos

7.        Campus Executive Director, Lingayen Campus            –           Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo

8.        Campus Executive Director, San Carlos Campus          –           Dr. Marie Claire B. Briones

9.        Campus Executive Director, Sta. Maria Campus           –           Dr. Honorio L. Cascolan

10.    Campus Executive Director, Urdaneta Campus             –           Engr. Resurreccion V. Garrote

11.    Executive Director, Open University Systems               –           Dr. Liza L. Quimson

12.    Deputy Executive Director, OUS                                   –           Dr. Rosie S. Abalos

13.    Executive Director, School of Advanced Studies          –            Dr. Adonis S. Bautista

14.    Deputy Executive Director, SAS                                   –            Dr. Cristeta C. Dulos

15.     Director, Public Relations, Publication, and                  –            Ms. Celeste T. Mercado

Information Office                                           

16.     Director, Information and Communication                    –            Mr. Fernando S. Viray Jr.

        Technology Management Office  

17.     Web Administrator                                                         –            Mr. Randy Joy M. Ventayen


  Office of the Vice President for Administration (Dr. Marcelo C. Gutierrez)

 1.        Director, Supply Management Office                              –           Mr. John F. Quinto

2.       Director, University Legal Services                                 –           Atty. Darius B. De Guzman

3.       Director, Records Management Office                            –           Dr. Narciso F. Castro

4.       Director, Human Resource Management and                  –           Mr. Ian D. Evangelista

   Development Office

5.       Director, Physical Planning and Infrastructure                –           Dr. Marcelo C. Gutierrez

  Development Office (concurrent)

6.      Director, Procurement Services Office                             –           Mr. Noli C. Mirador

7.      Chief Administrative Officer – Administration                –           Dr. Virgilio C. Barongan

8.      Director, General Services Office                                     –           Engr. Catherine C. Gutierrez

9.      Deputy Director, HRMDO                                                –           Dr. Lorena B. Echalar

10.   University Engineer                                                          –           Engr. Isagani M. Victorio

11.   Head, Electrical Services Unit                                          –           Engr. Apollo V. Cayabyab

12.   Head, Facilities Maintenance and Security Services        –           Mr. Christopher C. Mabazza

13.   Head, Vehicle Maintenance Services (concurrent)           –           Engr. Catherine C. Gutierrez

14.  Record Officer                                                                  –           Ms. Theresa T. Billote  


  Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (Dr. Manolito C. Manuel)


1.      Director, Curriculum, Instruction and Accreditation      –           Dr. Jessica J. Jimenez

2.      Director, Students and Alumni Affairs Office               –           Mrs. Evelyn B. Lomboy

3.      Director, NSTP, Physical Education and Sports             –           Dr. Ramil L. Dacal

Development Office

4.      Director, Culture and Arts Affairs Office                      –           Dr. Romary R. Lincod

5.      Director, ETEEAP Office                                               –           Dr. Phillip G. Queroda

6.      Head, Sentro ng Wikang Filipino                                    –           Mrs. Mary Ann C. Macaranas

7.      Head, Technical/Vocational Programs                            –           Dr. Robert G. Sison

8.      Head, Center for Foreign Languages                              –           Dr. Luzviminda Q. Ramos

9.      Head, Practice Teaching and Review Center                  –           Ms. Mitzy M. Macaraeg

10.  Head, Admission and Guidance Services                       –           Ms. Marinuelle T. Aquino

11.  Head, Medical and Dental Services                                –           Dr. Christia Marie P. Flores

12.  Head, Library Services                                                    –           Mrs. Mary Ann C. Mangapot

13.  University Registrar                                                        –           Mrs. Helen B. Mabanta

14.  K-12 Focal Person (concurrent)                                      –           Dr. Renato E. Salcedo


Office of the Vice President for Finance Management (Dr. Maria Corazon B. Puzon)


1.      Chief Administrative Officer – Finance                         –           Mr. Alex N. Mores

Deputy Quality Management Representative (concurrent)

2.      Director, Business Affairs and Auxiliary Services         –           Dr. Joey F. Ramos

3.      Director, Accounting Services Office                             –           Ms. Jeanilyn L. Villanueva

4.      Director, Budget Management Office                            –           Ms. Giselle Q. Viernes

5.      University Cashier                                                          –           Ms. Nora A. Caburnay

6.      Head, University Bookstore                                           –           Dr. Susan S. Fernando

7.      Head, Hostel and Catering Services                               –           Ms. Diochepine Aisa M. Cruz


 Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension (Dr. Paulo V. Cenas)


1.      Director, Research and Development Office                  –           Mr. Francis Albert T. Argente

2.      Director, Gender and Development Office                     –           Dr. Merlita Q. Santos

3.      Director, Extension Services                                           –           Prof. Benica Briones

4.      Head, Proposals and Publication Unit                             –           Dr. Irene A. De Vera

5.      Head, Intellectual Property and Research Utilization     –           Dr. Catalina C. Platon

6.      Head, Statistics Center                                                    –           Ms. Arlene N. Mendoza

7.      Head, Food Innovation Center                                        –           Dr. Raquel C. Pambid

8.      Head, Aquamarine Research and Development Center  –           Dr. Sotero M. Aban

9.      OIC Head, Mechatronics Center                                     –           Mr. Rex B. Basuel

10.  Head, Integrated Agriculture Research and                     –           Dr. Ricardo Garcia

       Development Center            

11.  OIC Head, Data Analytics Center                                    –           Mr. Bobby F. Roaring

12.  Head, Technical Demonstration Projects                         –           Mr. Ronel Ali B. Omolida

13.  Head, Field Community Outreach Services, Extension   –           Dr. Dominica J. Sajonas

      Training and Sustainability

14.  Head, Extension Material Development                          –           Mr. Christopher J. Cocal

15. Head, Extension Research Monitoring and Evaluation    –           Mr. Christopher J. Cocal


 Office of the Vice President for Planning and Quality Assurance (Dr. Ruby Rosa V. Cruz)


1.   Director, Planning and Development Office                  –           Dr. Melody C. De Vera

2.   Director, Local and International Linkages Office         –           Dr. Sally A. Jarin

3.   Director, Quality Assurance Office                                –           Mr. Elbert M. Galas

4.   Head, Data Management Unit                                        –           Mr. Clark Kim C. Castro

5.   Head, Planning Unit                                                        –           Mr. Gregorio F. Delos Angeles Jr.

6.   Head, Risk Management Unit                                         –           Dr. Susana L. Fernandez

7.   Head, Special Projects Unit                                            –           Dr. Gilbert C. Moralista

8.   Head, Internship and Employment Services                   –           Dr. Razeale Gloria F. Resultay