Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines


University PresidentDr. Dexter R. Buted
Acting Board and University SecretaryMs. Ailene A. Batang
Vice Presidents
Vice President for Academic Affairs & Support Services/QMRDr. Manolito C. Manuel
Vice President for Planning, Finance & Management Dr. Marcelo C. Gutierrez Jr.
Vice President for Research, Extension & Innovation   Dr. Paulo V. Cenas
Vice President for Administration                                  Dr. Maria Corazon B. Puzon
Vice President for Quality AssuranceDr. Elbert M. Galas
Deputy Quality Management Representative (concurrent)
Office of the University President
Director, Presidential Management and Liaison OfficeMr. Ian D. Evangelista
Campus Executive Director, Alaminos City CampusDr. Renato E. Salcedo
Campus Executive Director, Asingan Campus             Dr. Valentin B. Calpo
Campus Executive Director, Bayambang Campus      Dr. Liza L. Quimson
Campus Executive Director, Binmaley Campus           Dr. Roy C. Ferrer
Campus Executive Director, Infanta Campus (concurrent)Mr. Ian D. Evangelista
Campus Executive Director, Lingayen CampusDr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo
Campus Executive Director, San Carlos City CampusDr. Adonis S. Bautista
Campus Executive Director, Sta. Maria CampusDr. Armando D. Junio
Campus Executive Director, Urdaneta City CampusDr. Honorio L. Cascolan
Director, Public Relations, Publication, & Information OfficeDr. Randy Joy M. Ventayen
Director, Information & Comm. Tech. Management Office       Dr. Julius Caesar O. Mamaril
Director, University Legal Services                     Atty. Darius B. De Guzman
Director, Gender and Development Office        Dr. Gilbert R. Moralista
Director, Linkages                                                Dr. Sally A. Jarin
Deputy Director, Information & Comm. Tech. ManagementDr. Fernando S. Viray Jr. 
Head, System Administration and Support Service      Mr. Clark Kim C. Castro
Head, Network, Maintenance and Technical Unit        Mr. Jerry C. Diaz
Head, Data Management and Web Administrator (concurrent)Dr. Randy Joy M. Ventayen                   
Focal Person, Internal Audit System                 Ms. Evangeline O. Pescador
Office of the Vice President for Administration
Chief Administrative Officer – Administration               Dr. Virgilio C. Barongan
Director, General Services Office                                     Dr. Narciso F. Castro
Director, Engineering Services                                         Engr. Isagani M. Victorio
Director, Human Resource Management & Dev’t Office      Mr. Ian D. Evangelista
Director, Procurement Services                                       Mr. Kimber Jun M. Fernandez
Director, Supply Management Office                              Mr. John F. Quinto
Director, Records Management Office                            Dr. Jessica J. Jimenez
Deputy Director, HRMDO                                               Dr. Lorena B. Echalar
Head, Facilities MaintenanceMr. Claro S. Sison Jr.
Head, Vehicle Maintenance                                     Mr. Cloyd D. Evangelista
Head, Pollution Control Unit               Dr. Irene A. De Vera                      
Head, Security Services Unit                                      Ms. Melanie B. Caronongan
Head, Physical Planning & Infrastructure DevelopmentDr. Robert Sison
Head, Electrical Services Unit                                    Prof. Francis R. Lazo
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Support Services
Director, Curriculum and Instruction                              Dr. Razeale F. Resultay
Director, Students and Alumni Affairs Office                 Prof. Celeste T. Mercado
Director, NSTP, P.E & Sports Dev’t OfficeDr. Romary R. Lincod
Director, Culture and Arts Affairs Office                        Dr. Ramil L. Dacal
Director, ETEEAP Office                                               Dr. Phillip G. Queroda
Executive Director, School of Advanced Studies (concurrent)Dr. Dexter R. Buted 
Executive Director, Open University Systems                Dr. Marie Claire B. Briones  
OUS Deputy Director for Academics, Research and Extension (concurrent)Dr. Phillip G. Queroda 
OUS Deputy Director for Administration, Planning and QADr. Josephine D. Reyes
SAS Deputy Director for Academics, Research and Extension (concurrent) Dr. Gemma M. De Vera
SAS Deputy Director for Administration, Planning and QADr. Cristeta C. Dulos
University Registrar                                                        Mrs. Helen B. Mabanta
Head, Sentro ng Wikang Filipino                                    Dr. Ma. Theresa E. Macaltao
Head, Technical/Vocational Programs                            Dr. Rricky Tim S. Sison
Head, Center for Foreign Languages                              Dr. Jesusa B. Sanchez
Head, Practice Teaching and Review Center                  Prof. Mitzy M. Macaraeg
Head, Internship & Employments Services                    Dr. Reynaldo T. Gelido
Head, Medical and Dental Services                                Dr. Christia Marie P. Flores
Head, Library Services                                                    Mrs. Mary Ann C. Mangapot
Head, Admission and Guidance Services                       Ms. Marinuelle T. Aquino
Office of the Vice President for Planning, Finance and Management
Chief Administrative Officer – Finance                         Mr. Alex N. Mores
Director, Accounting Services Office                             Ms. Jeanilyn L. Villanueva
Director, Budget Management Office                            Ms. Giselle Q. Viernes
Director, Income Generating Projects                              Dr. Joey F. Ramos
Director, Auxiliary Services (concurrent)                       Ms. Giselle Q. Viernes 
Director, Planning and Development Office                  Dr. Madlyn D. Tingco
University Cashier                                                          Ms. Nora A. Caburnay
Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension and Innovation
Director, Research and Development Office                   Dr. Larry A. Santos
Director, Innovation Support         Dr. Catalina C. Platon 
Director, Extension Services                                             Prof. Francis Albert T. Argente
OIC-Head, Research Ethics Board                                           Mr. John Mark P. Haban
OIC-Center Head, Food Innovation Dr. Raquel C. Pambid
Center Head, Integrated AgricultureDr. Oliver C. Caasi
OIC-Center Head, Machine Innovation and Technology Automation-Mr. Rex B. Basuel
Head, Data AnalyticsMs. Kristen Bhing V. Salvio
Center Head, Hydrology, Aquamarine, Natural and Ocean Science-Dr. Sotero M. Aban
OIC-Center Head, Statistics and Computing ScienceMr. Bobby F. Roaring
Center Head, Health Environment, Disaster and RiskDr. Irene A. De Vera
Center Head, Governance Policy, Human WelfareDr. Nova Flordeliz E. Arquillano
Center Head, Business and Economics (concurrent)Dr. Potenciano D. Conte, Jr.
Center Head, History Culture, Arts and Innovative EducationDr. Cheryl C. Mendoza
Office of the Vice President for Quality Assurance
Director, Institutional Assessment and Accreditation    Dr. Weenalei T. Fajardo
Director, Monitoring and Evaluation Office                   Dr. Potenciano D. Conte, Jr.
Head, ISO/PQA Initiatives (concurrent)                                 Dr. Weenalei T. Fajardo
Head, CHED Initiated QA                                             Dr. Mary Ann Macaranas
Head, Risk Management Unit                                        Dr. Grace M. Suratos 
Head, Local & International Accreditation                   Dr. Rosario B. Miguel
Focal Person, Investors in People                                     Dr. Lorena B. Echalar
Head, Technical Unit (depending on the nature)           To be issued in a separate memo
Head, Non-Technical Unit (concurrent)                                       Dr. Potenciano Conte, Jr.