Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines

Strategic Goal 3


1. ISO Certification

2. Revisit of the PSU Code, Citizens Charter

3. Publication of the BOR Approved and Revised Manuals of Operation for all the University’s organizational units

4. Regular monitoring and evaluation of implemented university programs/projects and activities

5. Increase local and international linkages

6. Regular conduct of meetings for all institutional councils

7. Establishment/Expansion of networks and linkages particularly at the international level for the generation of
supplemental funding for the university’s operations alongside the mandated functions and for sharing of expertise and resources

8. Conduct of local and international benchmarking activities in support to the university’s internationalization initiatives

9. Provision of a one-stop-information-shop (OSIS) as the holding/welcoming area for University’s visitors

10. Construction and establishment of the university’s infirmary, golden lion hotel, science laboratory building, repair of Aldana gymnasium, repair of libraries and dormitories, repair of CBC, faculty rooms, comfort rooms, engineering buildings, academic buildings, OUS building, rehabilitation of graduate school buildings, construction of swimming pool and fitness center

11. Regular conduct of President’s Hour and Press Conference, Dialogue/Consultation with Internal and External Client Groups

12. Provision of suggestion boxes in conspicuous places, transparency boards, and wall of excellence