Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines

Strategic Goal 2


1. Conduct of continuous training and professional advancement avenues for the University’s researchers and extension implementers

2. Publication of an institutional referred research journal, CHED accreditation of the PSU research journal, acquire journal citations and research utilization

3. Intensified Research and Extension-based linkages to generate external funding and sharing of resources/expertise

4. Improvement of the University’s performance in the Regional/National/International Research and Development Competitions

5. Imbibe research culture among faculty members to actively participate and contribute to the University’s Research and Extension agenda/outcomes

6. Revisit of the Research and Extension-based guidelines and policies e.g. incentives, deloading of faculty, etc.
Focus on Priority Research Agenda

7. Operationalize Statistics Center to acquire anti-plagiarism softwares and statistical packages