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        Your heartfelt virtual presence and most generous sharing of expertise during the week long online assessment of our program operations and documents are truly indicative of your genuine commitment and support as our partners in attaining and sustaining utmost relevance and effectiveness of our operations, services and governance. Guided by the framework and tenets of quality assurance and continuous improvement, the AACCUP program accreditation for the Doctor of Education, Master of Arts in Education and Doctor of Philosophy scheduled for this week shall have as its major outcome the betterment of our institution and ultimately, our stakeholders and customers.
         Rest assured that your thorough and objective assessment to determine our strengths and weaknesses will serve as our guidel to meet the standards of AACCUP and the mandate of our institution. Accreditation to us members of the PSU family and the Power Team, has been our way of life and we are consistently bound by our collective mindset and shared responsibility that accreditation is and will always be challenging and rewarding mechanism to continuously improve, innovate and ultimately, seek better results and outcomes.
          My heart is also full of gratefulness to every single person who in their own capacities had contributed during the preparation leading to this day, the actual online visit.
         The PSU’s journey in Program Accreditation has been at the very core of our unceasing and pivotal quest for QUALITY, EXCELLENCE and PRODUCTIVITY. Operating with utmost concern for organizational accountability, transparency, commitment and efficiency, all university constituents are one in the boundless commitment to share in the responsibility of making sure that accreditation is highly valued, extensively promoted and deeply pursued.
       Having been ingrained in our system, in our core values, guiding philosophy and in all aspects of our work operations, Quality Assurance has distinctly and remarkably defined the way we think, in the way we do and in the way we serve. 


The Graduate School originated from the programs of the then Central Luzon Teachers’ College (CLTC) which is now known as the PSU-Bayambang Campus (PSU-BC).

PSU-BC had a humble beginning as it started as the Bayambang Normal School (BNS) in 1922. However, it closed in 1935 due to the world-wide economic crisis but was eventually re-opened and renamed as Pangasinan Normal School (PNS) in 1948. In 1953, it became part of the Philippine-UNESCO National Community Training Center (PUNCTC). From a two-year collegiate institution, it offered the four-year teacher education program in 1954 by virtue of RA No. 975. Then in 1961, its graduate program was opened. Eventually, in 1969, a Charter was created and stipulated in RA No. 5705 renaming the PNS to CLTC.
In 1978, the issuance of PD NO. 1497, the Pangasinan State University (PSU) was instituted. In 1982, the doctoral program of the university was offered in the then College of Education, Bayambang Campus. In 1987, four centers of the Graduate School were created and situated in PSU-Bayambang, PSU-Lingayen, PSU-Sta Maria, and PSU-Urdaneta, which was made the central office of graduate education up to the present. The following year and the succeeding years, the master’s program of the three centers were transferred to PSU-Urdaneta. All the graduate programs were centralized at PSU-Graduate School in Urdaneta City Campus in 1994.
Aside from the two programs, the Doctor of Education and the Master of Arts in Education, PSU-Graduate School had expanded its curricular offerings to include the following: Doctor of Philosophy in Developmental Studies (Ph.D. Developmental Studies), Master of Science in Agriculture (MS Agriculture), Master in Management Engineering (MME), and Master in Development Management (MDM). Furthermore, a satellite campus based in Bayambang was also established during the first semester of SY 2009-2010 to cater to the clients from the nearby provinces of Regions 1, 2, 3, IV B and Metro Manila. In addition to the MAEd programs in Bayambang, the satellite campus offers Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN), Master in Business Administration (MBA), and Master in Public Administration (MPA) to cater to the advanced education needs of the graduates.
Upon the assumption of Dr. DEXTER R. BUTED as the president on December 10, 2014, the PSU-Graduate School was renamed as the PSU-School of Advanced Studies (SAS) by virtue of BOR Res. No. 74,s. 2015 .
Today, PSU-SAS is at the forefront of the University. Thus, it has become a potent force in the intellectual and professional development of people with lofty aspirations and noble visions. Ultimately, PSU-SAS serves as an avenue for higher standards of practice in the profession for the benefit of the society and the nation.

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