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Doctor of Philosophy

The School of Advanced Studies (formerly Graduate School) is at the forefront of the University. It is an Institution within the larger institution which is a potent force in intellectual and professional development. It enjoys the prestige of a higher state of intellectualism and creativity. It is the school for the learned and erudite in the professional world. It enjoys the integrity and reputation of excellence in instruction, research, extension and production. It is an institution of people with lofty aspirations and noble visions that ultimately lead to higher standards of practice in the profession for the benefit of society and the nation.
One of the academic programs offered in the School of Advanced Studies is the Doctor of Philosophy- major in Development Studies. By virtue of BOR No. 59, s. 2010, it was officially offered in the following semester of that same year.
The program Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) is primarily focused on the development of professionals and leaders in various discipline. It provides the students an avenue to make them specialized in a highly complex multidisciplinary field of learning for complex research and professional practice As an offshoot of advanced learning, this program would produce professional leadership for innovation, research and/or development management in highly specialized or multi-disciplinary field
As one of the academic units of the University, the School of Advanced Studies is committed to engage its faculty and students in advancing their knowledge and competencies to further improve existing practices in research and instructional delivery. Likewise, the influx of modern technology has brought tremendous innovations, thus, making the educational environment so rapidly changing and redesigned to meet the demands of the emerging trends in educational landscape.


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