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As we cope with the radical impacts of this pandemic, I write most importantly with a hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

Today, as we are heading toward an interesting yet challenging time in higher education, we continue to reach another milestone in escalating our standards which are centered on learners’ progress — providing them with remarkable experiences and networks advantageous in attaining their respective careers successfully.

This accreditation is a testament of our institution that even in these trying times, we still continue to serve as prime mover of quality education with our continuous pursuit to the fulfillment of our vision and mission. Through this academic quest, the University had been recognized by the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) as one of the Top Performing State Universities and Colleges in the country in the past years. As an academic institution, we maintain this recognition by steering annual self-evaluations, practicing reflection and striving for continuous improvement.

As a result, our campus has become one of the leading Quality Assurance Hubs in the university, holding numerous benchmarking activities with some notable higher education institutions. This is perceptible because of our commitment and dedication braced with habits of highest standards of quality performance.

Being a people-centered institution, we also do not forget to promote leading practices in developing and recognizing outstanding faculty and staff, as well as enhancing communications to employees by designing programs that support their continuous development. Our family of highly competent educators and staff takes part in our recent achievement, the Civil Service Commission’s Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME HRM) Award where we earned Bronze (Maturity Level 2).

But then again, producing career-ready graduates has always been fundamental to our mission. Through various processes including career exploration and professional preparation, we connect them with career paths and nurture their abilities and viewpoints needed for professional advancement.

And all of these have become the trademark for Lingayen Campus- to be the most sought-after institution in the Province and even in the Region.

We have come a long way but still our heart goes to our endless visualization of success. We roll up our sleeves and prepare for even a bigger journey.

Equally, I want to thank and welcome all the accreditors to our PSU family. We are excited to work with families who, with joy and a vision of the future, are on our side. Together we can fulfill our vision, mission and goals. With God´s support and guidance, we will continue to provide a holistic education that stimulates the intellectual, social and spiritual development allowing students to grow and develop, explore new interests, and fully realize potential.

At this time, we are challenged with providing this same high-quality standard through new delivery systems. But we always uphold that true character can certainly be revealed in these tough times we are currently experiencing.

With hope, gratitude and courage in our hearts, let us walk onwards nurturing dreams in blue and gold!

Again, welcome to Pangasinan State University- Lingayen Campus, #WhereQualityBegins!

Campus History

               The Pangasinan State University was created by virtue of Presidential Decree 1497 which was promulgated on June 11, 1978 and took effect on July 1, 1979. Starting its operation, one of the integrated components of the University is then College of Technology in Lingayen which started as a mere college of Pangasinan School of Arts and Trades. Said college was eventually named Pangasinan State University College of Arts and Trades, which later evolved into a separate institution of learning and was called PSU College of Technology.
               The first President of the University, Dr. Telesforo N. Boquiren, designated Mr. Fortunato G. Ferrer as the first Dean of the College. Dean Ferrer was eventually succeeded by Mr. Rogelio E. Ferrer and then by Mr. Estefanio T. Eleterio. The College of Arts and Sciences had modest beginnings as it was formally created in 1982. Dr. Reynaldo P. Segui, then Vice President for Academic affairs was concurrently the acting Dean from 1982-1983. On July 13, 1984, Dr. Luz D. Segui became the second Dean of the College. Meanwhile, Dr. Boquiren, the first PSU President, retired in 1985. Dr. Reynaldo P. Segui took over as the President of the University ad interim for the school year 1986-1987. Soon upon appointment of Dr. Rufino O. Eslao in 1987 as the Second President, changes in College of Arts and Sciences Administration took place.
                 In 1987, a scheme was adopted to integrate the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Technology. Upon integration, College of Arts, Sciences and Technology was born with Dr. Carmelita V. Tamondong as Dean. When Dr. Rufino O. Eslao winded up his six-year term as President, Dr. Reynaldo P. Segui became the third PSU President. Upon assumption to office, his top priority was the separation of the College of Arts and Sciences from the College of Technology. Thus, the fused colleges were reborn as College of Arts and Sciences and College of Technology. Dr. Teresita C. Perez, headed the College of Arts and Sciences and Dr. Victoriano C. Estira took over when Dr. Perez ended her term; whereas, Dr. Jovito Chan manned the College of Technology.
                  When the term of office of Dr. Segui as PSU President expired in 1998, a new President rose from the ranks in the person of Dr. Rodolfo V. Asanion who assumed as the fourth President of the University. Dr. Asanion merged the two component colleges as PSU CAST with Dr. Melendre E. Esguerra as its Dean. When Dr. Esguerra was designated as the Director of Student Affairs in 2001, Dr. Lydia C. Buduhan assumed office. Dr. Buduhan altered slightly the organizational scheme of the college by having two program deans as replacement of the two Associate Deans. Dr. Catalina Felicitas was designated Program Dean of the Arts and Sciences and Dr. Iluminada Ynzon as the Program Dean for Technology. In response to the sublime goal of one movement, PSU CAST was named as PSU Lingayen Campus with Dr. Melendre E. Esguerra as the Dean of the campus.
                   Dr. Victoriano C. Estira assumed office in 2007 as the fifth President of the University. One of the most significant accomplishments of his administration was the Open Admission Policy that resulted to the increase of student enrolment. During his term, Dr. Merlita Q. Santos served as the Dean of the campus. Meanwhile, Dr. Lydia C. Buduhan, who was then Vice President for Administration and Planning, was concurrently acting as Officer-in-Charge Dean of PSU Lingayen Campus until the designation of Dr. Nelia C. Resultay as the new Campus Dean in 2011.
                 When the term of office of Dr. Estira as PSU President expired in 2014, Dr. Dexter R. Buted, seated as the sixth University President. His experience in corporate and government services paved way for the crafting of a sturdy strategic plan as backbone of his vision to make Pangasinan State University an ASEAN Premier Academic Institution into a reality. He has introduced governance as key towards transformation. Dr. Buted designated Dr. Cesar G. Della as Campus Executive Director in 2015. Then Campus Dean is now renamed to Campus Executive Director (CED). Joining Dr. Della in serving PSU Lingayen Campus were four college Deans as four Colleges of the campus were created such as College of Arts, Sciences and Letters, College of Computing Sciences, College of Hospitality Management, Business and Public Administration, and College of Teacher Education and Technology.
                   In 2016, Dr. Della was succeeded by Dr. Armando D. Junio as CED. The significant milestones of PSU Lingayen Campus during the term of Dr. Junio was the Accreditation of AB English Program as Level III re-accredited and ISO 9001:2015 Certification of the campus.
                 Dr. Ruby Rosa V. Cruz took the office as CED in 2017. By that time, the then four colleges are now turned into six as College of Hospitality Management, Business and Public Administration is now divided as College of Hospitality Management and College of Business and Public Administration. The College of Teacher Education and Technology is also separated as College of Education and College of Technology. Passing the Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) and different program accreditations are the most significant accomplishments of the campus during her time as CED. Also, the campus with her management joined the university to its venture for the Investors in People Silver Award and Philippine Quality Award.
                  Following her in office as CED was Dr. Priscilla L. Agsalud. In her management, the Bachelor of Secondary Education and BS in Mathematics Programs were able to pass its Level III Phase I Accreditation, and the campus was named as the Best Research Unit of the university starting 2018.
                 Currently, Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo is designated as the new CED who took into office since 2019. With Dr. Urbiztondo’s leadership, the campus was able to achieve the following notable accomplishments: Level III Accreditation of AB Economics and BS in Industrial Technology, Institutional Accreditation Level II, and ISO 9001:2015 Recertification.

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