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Marinduque State Colleges’ Benchmarking Activity on PSU Binmaley Campus

Marinduque State Colleges’ Benchmarking Activity on PSU Binmaley Campus

The Marinduque State College (MSC) Department of Fisheries conducted a Benchmarking Activity at Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus on April 27, 2022. They were warmly welcomed by the Campus Executive Director, Dr. Roy C. Ferrer, and the College of Fisheries Dean, Dr. Rosie S. Abalos, together with the dynamic and virtuous professors and instructors of the program.

PSU Binmaley Campus is the lone university in Region 1 that holds the Center of Excellence in the program of Fisheries and has already attained Level III Re-accredited status. Furthermore, the program has never failed to produce highly calibrated and top notchers in the Licensure Examination for Fisheries Technologies for more than a decade.

Dr. Sotero Aban, Department Chairman of CFAS, added that PSU has international collaboration through the Fisheries Education Network. At the same time, PSU is SUC LEVEL 4 certified and ISO certified, among other things.

The Benchmarking Activity is one way of exchanging ideas between the State Colleges and Universities to further improve their service delivery.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rosie S. Abalos, College Dean of CFAS, delivers to the visitors the best practices in instruction, while Prof. Jennie B. Fernandez, IGP Coordinator, tackles the practices in research activities, and lastly, Dr. Dominaca J. Sajonas, Extension Coordinator, discusses the extension projects of the program.

Dr. Paloma D. De Chavez, Dean of the Fisheries Department of MSC, also shared her insights with the PSU College of Fisheries.

The MSC, along with the PSU CFAS faculty, went to the campus laboratory facilities in the afternoon session, as well as the value-added products that are sold for income generation.

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