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Through the years of sustained development programs, PSU Infanta Campus has shaped the minds and attitudes of our students and in turn developed competent individuals who serve the people and the communities. Amidst the current global challenges, the Campus ensures that we are resolute in performing our mandate, leading to fulfil the university’s mission. We are cognizant that the reason for our existence as a component learning institution is to improve the lives and the livelihood of the community we serve and contribute to nation building.

As the Campus takes part in elevating Pangasinan State University on becoming ASEAN Premier University and to assess how far it has achieved and to assess how far it has achieved and how long will it take to realize its goals, we are submitting our programs for AACCUP Accreditation.

This endeavour has been possible through the guidance of the administration headed by our University President, Dr. Dexter R. Buted and the concerted effort of the dedicated and hardworking workforce of PSU-Infanta Campus. The collaboration among them was indeed significant and instrumental to accomplish all the necessary preparation for this evaluation.

Most noteworthy, I would like to thank the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) and its esteemed Accreditors for their unparalleled support as our partners toward achieving our full potential in nurturing the country’s future leaders.

Lastly, all of these efforts are dedicated to the students and stakeholders of the University as they are at they are at the core of PSU’s determination to excel in providing excellent quality service and be of relevance to the nation.

With these, I cordially welcome all of you to PSU-Infanta Campus and may this accreditation journey be fruitful for everyone!


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PSU Infanta History

The College of Agriculture in Infanta, Pangasinan formerly known as Western Pangasinan College of Agriculture was created by PD 1494 signed by President Ferdinand E. Marcos on June 11, 1978. On the same day, he signed the establishment of PD 1497 wherein Pangasinan State University (PSU) integrated college level courses of six state-funded institutions in Pangasinan and the College of Agriculture in Infanta was integrated as the seventh. PSU became officially operational on July 1, 1979 but the College of Agriculture in Infanta started its operation on June 1981 and earned its autonomous status in January 1983.

In August 16, 1978, President Marcos proclaimed the 1000 hectares in Barangay Bamban, Infanta for the College (Presidential Proclamation No. 1771 series of 1978). Concerned leaders (from local to national) helped in the preparation and visited the site in early 1980 and recommended (and finally approved) the construction in Calendar Year 1981 of one Administration Building, Farm Machinery Building, Vocational Agriculture Building and a water tank to start the educational institution in Western Pangasinan and nearby Zambales to serve educational needs of the youth.

The College of Agriculture in Infanta has a wide agricultural and forest reserves which serve as training ground for the students and all agencies committed to development.

While the buildings and the roads are under construction, the college held its classes in some of the rooms in Infanta Central School now the Infanta Integrated School in Infanta town on arrangement with the provincial schools Superintendent and Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) Officials now the Department of Education (DepEd).

During the School Year 1989-1990, the Agricultural Education Outreach Project (AEOP) and Student Village Training Center (SVTC) was implemented in cooperation with the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) thus bolstering the college’s quest for relevance.

In 1981, PSU Infanta Campus offered Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) – Major in Agronomy and Animal Husbandry and after a year, the two majors were changed to Crop Science and Animal Science. In 1988, the campus shifts its offering to a more intensive program which is the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) Major in Farming Systems – a special ladderized course for poor but deserving students from the province of Pangasinan. Thereafter, in accordance to CMO No. 14 series of 2008, a general BSA curriculum was implemented in SY 2011- 2012.

Dr. Marciano M. Llandado conceptualized the adoption in Infanta Campus the offering of Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) and Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) – Major in Social Studies. Said curricular programs were endorsed in the University Academic Council Meeting on March 24, 2008 and was approved for implementation through Board of Regents Resolution No.13, series of 1986. This led to the birth of the Bachelor of Elementary Education – Major in Enhanced General Education program in SY 2008-2009 and followed by the Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in Social Studies in SY 2012-2013.

As to the accreditation status of the programs offered in the Campus, Level II was granted for Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program and Level I for Bachelor of Elementary Education.

The campus looks forward that it will be able to continually improve its operations by increasing it curricular programs and to accommodate higher number of students to serve. Thus, a proposal on the offering of its first non-board program – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Financial Management and Human Resource was born into idea thru the brilliant mind of the University President-DR. DEXTER R. BUTED.

Last year, 2020, the campus aspired and worked hard for the the Preliminary Survey Visit (PSV) of its BSE-Social Studies program as a continuous commitment of achieving quality assurance and excellence towards its service delivery along instruction, research, extension and production.
All the hard works paid off as the program qualified and passed the PSV with a remarkable grand mean rating of 4.06
And for this year, 2021, the campus is venturing on Level II accreditation of the BEEd Program by the AACUP. PSU Infanta Family is fervently hoping that the program gets its Level II accreditation, with the collaborative efforts of the teaching and non-teaching staff and the staunch leadership of the campus officials.




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