Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines

Strategic Goal 1


1. Full implementation of Institutional Amalgamation

2. Full implementation of the OBE Framework in all academic programs

3. Strengthen accreditation of academic programs

4. Functional operations of the Review Center

5. Continuous conduct of Enhancement Seminars and Trainings for Students, Student-leaders and Scholars
Establishment of the Center for English Language, English proficiency test, at Pagpapalawak ng Sentro ng Wikang Filipino

6. Purchase of psychological test materials and testing instruments needed for a holistic assessment of students’ and personnel’s psychological well-being

7. Assign University Psychometrician

8. Implementation of the 4-term examinations

9. Publication of the Student Handbook and Manual of Operations of all the Units under the Support Services, Extension and Training Unit

10. Purchase of laboratory equipment/facilities to respond to availability, adequacy and upgrading requirements of laboratory classes

11. Rehabilitation/renovation of libraries in all Campuses and purchase of additional reference books and subscription to local and international journals

12. Career Placement programs