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PSU nat’l exams passers honored

To honor Pangasinan State University (PSU) alumni who manifested excellence outside the university premises, PSU conducted its second Recognition Program for the Licensure Examinations and National Certification Passers of March and September 2018 at PSU Lingayen Campus Convention Hall last February 26.

The program progressed with the theme: “Continuing the Tradition of Excellence in the Service of the Filipino People.”

The Awardees were warmly welcomed by Dr. Rosario DL. Valencirina, Dean of the College of Education in Lingayen Campus.

Meanwhile, an inspirational message from Dr. Priscilla L. Agsalud, PSU Lingayen Campus Executive Director, encouraged the awardees to continue on bringing the name of PSU to the peak.

More so, during the recognition, representatives from different programs of the University were given the chance to share their impressions on the Board Exams they hurdled.

“This action of our alma mater to recognize us [board exams and national certificate passers] means a lot to us and serves as our motivation to continue bringing ‘blessings’ in the university even if we are already out of its four corners,” expressed by Patrice Flores, a passer of the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) and a graduate in PSU Lingayen Campus under the Bachelor of Secondary Education program.

At the end, Dr. Lorna G. Urbiztondo, Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, formally closed the program and congratulated the passers.

SHS studes undergo PSU career guidance

Pangasinan State University- Admission, Guidance and Testing Office conducted a Career Guidance and Information Dissemination to the Senior High students from neighboring schools.

Scheduled on February 19, the university visited National High Schools (NHSs) in towns of Bugallon, Aguilar and Mangatarem to help individuals make informed and calculated decisions in career and also to prepare students in entering in the tertiary level.

Moreover, 15 faculty members were chosen to represent their respective college to inform and disseminate the university’s offered courses, National Free Tuition Fee Program, admission process, testing schedule and requirements.

Faculty members present in the Career Guidance also shared a brief description of each programs in the university to help the senior high school students identify their career path in the tertiary level.

Said activity also includes distribution of advertisement materials such as standard posters and pamphlets and presentation of university’s holistic and strategic locations, facilities, policies and competencies.

With the conduct of the career guidance, the guidance office is expecting over 4,000 examinees to take the college admission test slated on March 4, 5 and 11.

DOST gears scholars for employment

A total of 133 Department of Science and Technology (DOST) scholars participated in the Job Hunting Strategies/ Employment Generation seminar on February 20 at Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus Convention Hall which was arranged by the said agency to prepare the graduating scholars for their career after graduation.

Said scholars came from the seven different PSU Campuses namely Lingayen, Urdaneta, Alaminos, Sta Maria, Binmaley, Bayambang, and San Carlos. Likewise, scholars from Colegio de Dagupan (CDD) and Urdaneta City University (UCU) attended the said seminar.

The seminar provided the scholars with real-life scenarios that they are bound to face as they step out of their institutions. The DOST looks up to and has high expectations for its scholars that they may expand their horizons and excel in the job industry among any others.

“DOST supplied you with the finances you need throughout the entire years of your collegiate stay. Along the way, seminars from time to time guided you and prevented you from going the wrong path,” Ms. Venus P. Andaya, SRS I addressed the scholars present in the seminar.

More so, the participants fell in queue for the registration, headed up to the invocation, and listened to the heartfelt welcome remarks of Dr. Manolito C. Manuel, PSU VP for Academic Affairs. A message from Ms. Felicidad M. Gan, Provincial S & F Director of Pangasinan also graced the opening program.

Afterwards, Ms. Bernadette May Mamitag, Chief Labor Employment Officer of DOLE Alaminos City began lecturing on “Career Guidance Advocacy Program” which included Project Jobs Fit, Key Employment Generators, In-Demand/ Hard to Fill and Cross Cutting Occupations Emerging Industries. The next in line among the topics prepared was the “Stages of Employment” (Before, During, and After Employment) discussed by DOLE.

Said seminar was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and with the Public Employment Service Office (PESO).

DepEd checks K-12 implementation;

PSU twelfth graders take BEEA

In the middle of raging disputes against the K to 12 program, the Department of Education (DepEd) initiated an exit assessment called Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA) among Grade 12 students in different strands such as ABM, HUMMMS, STEM, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, and ICT on February 13 to 14.

Complying with this mandate, Dr. Renato E. Salcedo, Pangasinan State University Senior High School (PSU-SHS) Principal and University K-12 Focal Person, supervised the conduct of the said assessment in the campus with 667 Senior High School examinees occupying College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Legacy building (LB), Education Room (ER), and Academic building (AB) of the University.

According to Dr. Salcedo, the main purpose of the said exit examination is to provide data to determine whether the SHS Grade 12 students have achieved the competencies set in their core and applied track subjects for the two years of additional span they stayed in High School.

Students were advised to take the exit assessment with sincerity even if it would not anymore affect their grades. Unlike other forms of assessments as to entrance exam where one cannot be accepted in the program upon failure, this exit assessment will not yield them consequences technically but would affect the next batches of the program.

The result of the said exit examination is yet to be ascertained for records and baseline purposes of the program.

Moreover, this assessment will serve as a reflection not only by DepEd and its teachers but most importantly by students since the present and the coming years are crucial to the evaluation of the program.

Otherwise, if the exit assessment yielded an undesirable outcome, DepEd in coordination with all the Universities and schools holding the program will be envisioned to revise and/ or update the K to 12 curriculum until it renders the students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need and addresses the areas of their weaknesses.

GAD reg’l body visits PSU-UGRC

Regional Gender and Development Committee-1 (RGADC-1) which was composed by representatives from twenty nine government agencies visited Pangasinan State University Urduja GAD Resource Center (PSU-UGRC) on February 21-22 to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the said office.

During the first day of visit, RGADC-1 members inspected documents inside the Resource Center which earned PSU an approval regarding the existence of gender-related materials in the resource center which could be of help to its beneficiaries as far as information dissemination is concerned.

When asked about the nature of this visit by RGADC-1, Dr. Merlita Q. Santos, Director for GAD explained that it is on a take-turn basis which then was the turn of PSU-UGRC to be checked of its activities, documents, and plans for the present year.

Said organization took the whole first day of visit in reviewing documents followed by a courtesy call to PSU President, Dr. Dexter R. Buted.

During the courtesy call, Dr. Buted poured out his gratitude to RGADC-1 along his plight about the partnership. The University President is auspicious, the partnership would not be limited to conduct of seminars, symposiums, conferences, and the likes but rather be innovated and metamorphose its focus to research and activities that would cater people practical solutions to problems concerning gender and development.

On the second day, February 22, PSU-UGRC officials and RGADC-1 gathered at PSU Convention Hall for a meeting aimed at approving highlights and discussing matters from the previous meeting; discussing CY 2018 RGADC-1 Accomplishments; approving CY 2019 RGADC-1 Workplan; discussing GAD budget For a; discussing establishment of a Zonal GAD Resource Center; and approving activities for CY 2019 Women’s Month Celebration.

Said meeting proceeded to its agenda regulated by Atty. Harold D. Kub-aron, RGADC-1 Chairperson and a forum was also conducted during the meeting among representatives of the involved agencies in discussion of gender-related matters.

At present, PSU-UGRC, headed by Dr. Merlita Q. Santos, is bound to strengthen capacity of the University to send more GFPS members in international/ national GAD-related events, programs, and activities set as its ultimate objective responding to gender issues, its causes, and GAD mandates.

The membership of the University’s GAD Resource Center was just recently approved by RGADC-1 on May 15, 2018 having recognized PSU-UGRC’s critical role in assisting the said organization on capacity building and in championing the cause of GAD in higher education and in research and extension.

Anent the offer of membership by RGADC-1, PSU-UGRC responded and accepted it on May 30, 2018 in a hope it can contribute to the enhancement and promotion of gender and development in the region. Hence, the partnership with mutual goals led to this two-day visit.