Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines

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Honesty Store @PSU Binmaley Campus

As the commonly used adage states, “Honesty is the best Policy”, Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus rigorously practice this statement by putting up an honesty store.  The PSU Binmaley Cafeteria is not the typical cafeteria that someone serves food and someone is doing a cashier work because this cafeteria does not have any employee. Each…
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Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus started its own community pantry.

Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus opened its own community pantry at the campus covered court. This community pantry was inspired by the Maginhawa community pantry in Quezon City, founded and headed by Ana Patricia Non, with a tagline “Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan”.  This community food bank was established to aid people…
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Blood Letting Activity @PSUBinC 2021

In the mission of Pangasinan State University which is to conduct not only instruction but also research, extension and production activities. It is one of the areas in which services of the University is being extended to the community. One of the needs of the people, most specially during emergencies, like serious health problem, fires,…
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PSU-BinC Student Council Oath-taking Ceremony

The current pandemic situation has created an unprecedented crisis with augean challenges for student leaders of the University.  It is indeed true that the struggles as a student leader have doubled carrying both the pressure of academics and passion for the student service. All the same, the desire to serve both campus and fellow student…
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Thanksgiving Celebration @ PSU Binmaley Campus

Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus acknowledges the hard work and dedication of its employees. As a way of celebration, Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus conducted a thanksgiving celebration last May 10, 2021 (Monday) that embodied the appreciation of the University on the efforts, dedication, support and hard work of all employees all throughout the PSU…
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