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Bachelor of Arts in English Language

The Bachelor of Arts in English Language (ABEL) in Pangasinan State University – Urdaneta City Campus is a curricular program that aims to equip its graduates with irreplaceable skills in various professions while utilizing the adaptable command of the language. Guided by the four-fold function of instruction, research, extension, and production, the program is resolute in delivering quality education to its students, giving them future wide access in the professional world.
From its humble beginnings in June 2007, the program was able to have eleven (11) graduates as its first batch in 2011. The number of enrollees increased in the following years, which resulted to succeeding batches of graduates who spread in pertinent disciplines.
As the curriculum advances, there is a need for facility and equipment improvement. With the unwavering assistance of the administration, the department was able to pursue the creation of Speech Laboratory. This facility provides an in-depth speech training for the students in developing their phonological prowess.
The unique roster of faculty in the department is made up of competent individuals, both academically qualified and absolutely dedicated. Coming from distinguished institutions, their varied backgrounds complete the needed holistic transformation within students, besides gaining vast knowledge in the language. Their skills allow instillment of critical thinking and meta-linguistic analysis throughout the program.
Headed by the altruistic and competent department chair, Mr. Marvin Q. Corpuz, the English Language Department is composed of dedicated faculty members: Ms. Marissa Sison, the Head of Center for Foreign Language, Ms. Ruby Amado, the Faculty Regent, Ms. Angelita Barlongo, Mr. Emil Isaac Conde, Ms. Virma Cris Laguna, and Ms. Janilyn Grace Paleb.
With its adherence to standards for higher educational institutions, the program has garnered its Certificate of Compliance (COPC) in 2021. This ensures its provision of quality service to its clientele.

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Bachelor of Arts in English Language

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